Get the Olympic Committee to Send Only Qualifying American in Break Dancing

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Connie is a 15-year old B-Girl from Burlington, North Carolina. Connie started her journey by watching videos on YouTube and learning on her own. Later on she found local b-boys in her area to continue her successful training. As time prevailed she wanted to represent her country (USA) and her two crews, Endo FX and Queen City Bittys. Breaking for Gold gave b-boys and b-girls the opportunity to partake in the first Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2018. Connie has competed at Silverback Open (a high tier competition) for the 2nd trial of the America's (North, South, and Canada) and became the number one ranked b-girl. Connie's last trial to secure her spot in the Olympics, she had to compete in Kawasaki, Japan against 31 other b-girls from many different countries and came out in 6th place in the world. With 5 kids from the United States competing in Japan (2 b-girls/3 b-boys), Connie was the only girl to succeed in qualifying for the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.

The only problem is that with the 75 spots the USA has already filled, they are not accepting anymore USA participants with no exceptions. Connie was the only b-girl from the United States to qualify for this event and they will not allow her to compete. With that being said we are very upset for Connie. The other countries do not participate in as many sports as we do so they have available slots for their break dancers that have qualified. Break dancing was started in the United States (the Bronx of NY) many years ago and we want to show the world we should have the right to compete in our own sport.

On behalf of 15 year old Connie, we are asking you to get Connie ONE spot in the Youth Olympics. We only have until June 15th to get the Olympic Committee to make a decision. 

Below is Connie last week in Kawasaki Japan

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear our story. Please help us getting Connie Kingston to the Youth Olympics.