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International Olympic Committee: Bring Wrestling Back to the Olympic Games

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Wrestling has been cut from the 2020 Olympics onward. Wrestling is one of the most ancient traditions of all of sport, and one of the only sports besides track and field that existed at the very inception of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Like track or gymnastics, the Olympics is, or was, the highest level of competition in all of wrestling. Wrestling is a tremendous sport with tremendous popularity throughout the world, but there is no professional league for wrestlers -- the Olympics is there one and only shot at glory. The Olympics is supposed to celebrate amateur sports on an international stage, but it is clear that as things now stand that is not what they are interested in. It is true, wrestling does not have many viewers in Western Europe where it is virtually non-existent, or the United States, despite the fact that the US always has among the best competitors in the sport -- but wrestling is a key part of sports culture throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. By taking away Olympic Wrestling, the IOC is taking away a wrestlers chance at glory, taking away the dreams of young wrestlers, and taking away part of history and the tradition of the Olympic Games. This decision by the IOC has just been announced, and there is a clear opportunity to change it between now and May when they will vote on a sport to add to the Olympics. Please show your support and let the IOC know that we care about the sport.

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