Ban South Korea from participating in the 2020 Olympics

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Over the decades, South Korea has consistently demonstrated contempt for the nation of Japan and its people. Despite numerous agreements between the two countries and countless concessions from Japan to stabilize their relationship, rectify past issues, and move forward toward a mutually beneficial future, South Korea has continually reneged on these agreements, preferring instead to vilify Japan for the benefit of its own internal politics.

In recent years this behavior has increased to a constant stream of hateful messages and policies towards Japan. Spearheaded by government funded hate groups such as VANK, South Korea's campaign of anti-Japan sentiment has reached an all time high.

Japan recently hosted the Rugby World Cup. The international event was extremely successful and received worldwide acclamation for the gracious manner in which it was hosted, as well as the peaceful, positive, and highly sportsmanlike conduct of the athletes and fans who attended. It is important to note that South Korea was not present.

Both Korean athletes and spectators have a well-earned reputation for politicizing sports events. This behavior has continued, in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics with distasteful rhetoric and advertisements about "radioactive Olympics" and the South Korean government's refusal to allow its athletes to consume the food or make use of lodging built specifically for Olympians, despite the IOC's own assurances that both are safe.

This hateful and childish conduct tarnishes the image and detracts from the enjoyment of the games, but it will most certainly continue and escalate if it is not actively opposed. Please join us as we try to preserve the integrity and spirit of the Olympics by imploring the IOC to officially ban South Korea from participating.