Allow the Faroe Islands to participate in the Olympic Games under their own flag

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Everyone has the right to self-determination. So do the Faroese athletes, who wish to be able to compete in the Olympic Games under their own flag and not representing Denmark.

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous country in the Northern Atlantic but also part of the Kingdom of Denmark. They have their own language, history and culture.

The population is roughly 50.000 people but nevertheless, there have been two Faroese athletes who have already taken part in the Olympic Games, representing Denmark...

The Faroe Islands have already been recognized by international sports federations in 8 sports, including football. They are already a member of FIFA, even the International Paralympic Committee. 

But due to changes in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules, the Faroe Islands cannot be accepted as IOC members since they are not recognized as an independent country. 

Prior to these changes, there were two similar cases, the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico (which are not independent) 

Although part of their kingdom, Denmark does not oppose the Faroe Islands being represented themselves in the Olympic Games. 

The goal of the petition is that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) accepts the Faroe Islands as a member, so their athletes can participate in the games, representing their own country and not Denmark. 

Let's all help the Faroese athletes to be proud to represent their own tiny country in the 2020 Olympics.