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Allow Russia and its athletes To Participate in 2018 Olympics Under the Russian Flag!

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We are fans, supporters, competitors, families and friends of clean Russian athletes. 

The total ban of Russia from competing at the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, is widely regarded as a unprecedented, politically charged move that plays well into the mass hysteria and Russophobia around the globe today. We are asking that this ban be removed and fairness to be restored.

We petition the respected International Olympic Committee to allow Russian athletes to compete in the games under their own flag, representing their country and homeland, and all the people supporting them.

If the doping authority of IOC cannot properly detect and authorize use of substances - this and only this should be the battle that's fought, instead of singling out a country that has had athletes who were found to use doping. 

Thus we are asking the IOC to remove the ban that denies Russia from competing in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Besides, there are plenty of cases where sanctioned substances are allowed for use for questionable conditions such as ADHD, which include amphetamines that are widely used by some countries where the pharmaceutical industry has benefited from promoting such sicknesses as treatable diseases. 

The difficulties that the Russian athletes will have to endure in order to compete independently take away from the focus on what the Olympic fans really want to see - intense and world class competition.

The IOC risks its integrity by planting seeds of political conflict which will have short term praise from those that hate the great country of Russia, but will reap no long term rewards and will likely only serve to the deterioration of the Olympic Games as an organization and phenomenon as a whole.

Shall the trend to exclude one of the top 3 competitors in the games - the IOC risks to be devalued and a new type of competition to arise - which will not be so heavily scrutinized by polarized doping committees. Especially in the age of propelling innovation and new performance enhancing substances and neurotropics that are created every single day. 

Perhaps the era of the Olympic Games is facing a crossroads, and is on a path to choose whether to continue to lose the world's interest, or revitalize itself as a fair organization that promotes competition. Sure, the internet will have Olympics peak viewership this year, but will it continue to rise or decline as one of the top competitors is being prevented from participating in the games?

Sure the IOC urges Russian athletes to compete as independents, but will they follow the suggestion? The debt before one's country would not allow any athlete to be a part of an organization that does not respect his homeland, and Russian athletes will be no exception.

Dear respected International Olympic Committee - Remove This Ban!

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