Add Surf Lifesaving as Demonstration Sport at 2032 Olympic Games

Add Surf Lifesaving as Demonstration Sport at 2032 Olympic Games

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There are arguably no sports more deserving than Surf Lifesaving for selection as a demonstration sport at Brisbane's Olympic Games. 

To increase patrolling members, many Surf Lifesaving clubs strive to excel in Surf Sports. This successful strategy frequently attracts and maintains high membership. More eyes on the beach and surf smart/fit members with essential Lifesaving skills are only a good thing in efforts to keep beaches safer.

This petition seeks to recognise an entire movement of Surf Lifesaving by honouring it as an demonstration sport at the Olympic Games 2032. In so doing, active patrolling membership in Lifesaving around the world stands to increase.

Nearly 20 years ago to the day, Surf Lifesaving was held at the 2001 Brisbane Goodwill Games. The 2001 Goodwill Games Surf Lifesaving events were held over 2 days with medals on offer to the highest point scoring national teams.

The Aussies took the Gold and featured prestigous talents including Olympians Clint Robinson, Ky Hurst & Melissa Hoar, and legends of Surf Lifesaving Kerri Thomas, Zane & Kirsty Holmes, Karla Gilbert and Mark Williams.

NZ took silver, and South Africa Bronze.

As the final member of the Aussie Goodwill Games team, I would encourage everyone to take a moment to sign this petition. 

For mine, there is nothing greater than seeing the spark of joyfullness, hope and energy in the eyes of the youth. The next generation of Lifesavers will dare to dream of being Lifesaving Olympians.

With the 20 year anniversary of the 2001 Brisbane Goodwill Games, now is a good time to fight for Surf Lifesaving to be held as a teams event featuring beach, open water and pool rescue competition.

Why teams?

The fabric of lifesaving is inclusiveness. The sport caters for all shapes and sizes. Female and male. Nippers through to Masters.

The champion team total would be based on the total teams score from such events as Surf Boat Rowing, 100m Beach Sprint, 1,500m Beach Race, 20m Beach Flags, 400m Surf Swim, Surf Kayak, Board Rescue, Relays (4x100m beach, 4x400m swim, kayak), Ironman/Ironwwoman, Taplin Relay (swim, board, surf kayak, beach sprint) and... exciting pool rescue events.

What would be brilliant is competition held on both the Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. Both are such richely beautiful locations with strong lifesaving cultures.

In a little known fact, in the early 2000's, Surf Lifesaving came within a whisker of being an Olympic Sport. The resistance was in the argument that there are countries without beaches.

Times have changed. Surfing is now an Olympic Sport.

If wave size is an issue, Surf Lifesaving can easily be held on a smaller surf beach. This has been done many times at the biannual World Rescue Championships.

Consider, Olympic kayak, rowing, long distance swim events are held on/in either lakes, bays, and rivers.

With a ready made Olympic Beach Volleyball arena, Lifesaving Beach Events are easily accomodated.

Then there are the benefits for existing Olympic sports. More events for kayakers, swimmers, sprinters, middle distance runners, and rowers only means more opportunity for competitors in these sports to compete at the Olympics. As is the case in Australia, athletes who compete in exisiting Olympic Sports will partner with Lifesaving Clubs around the world.

Again more lifesaving members and spreading lifesaving skills is only a good thing.

This is being sent to the International Olympic Comittee, but as host Olympic city, my understanding is local leaders would also have a say in which demonstration sports are on display. So I will be sure to take this petition to local leaders also.

Thankyou, and swim between the flags!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!