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Add Gundam to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics mascot roster.

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The upcoming Olympics are well on their way and Japan has already announced its colourful cast of mascots that will represent Japan as host for this prestigious event. Sadly, despite such characters as Sailor Moon and Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise adorning the mascot roster, along with contemporary characters like Naruto and Luffy from One Piece, there are several characters that are not representing Japan.

Case in point, Amuro Ray and Char Aznable or even the Gundam from the highly-acclaimed franchise, "Mobile Suit Gundam". I believe that Japan should add these two characters in their roster as these two play a massive role in the very culture of the anime community and in turn, Japanese culture as well. For example, that GIANT GUNDAM STATUE smack dab in Odaiba. 

If this does not occur, it would be a shame as gundam is indeed getting popular around the world, and as more people frollic to building gundam model kits, it would be at least a nice nod to them having Gundam be recognized on the world stage, and what better way than the Olympics?

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