SAVE LEBANON from the Governments Money laundering, illicit funding & Terrorist Funding

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It Began October 17th 2019, with every religion and region in Lebanon UNITED as ONE in protest of stolen funds, government corruption, terrorism and a right to a better life. Including the fall of the Government and replaced kellon with an honest and transparent system & Government. Help us hold whoever is responsible be accountable for their actions.

Lebanon's fight continues, the Government still has its agenda; they are still corrupt; the central bank covers up all illegal transactions. International funding for past decades have disappeared, states funds stolen, the Government uses violence & terrorism, and the new Government remains after an unconstitutional and unlawful confidence vote. The economy has collapsed, leaving the country with little basic needs, rationed electricity and bank withdrawals, unemployment at its highest, businesses and companies closing down.

The Lebanese have had enough, their lives, future for themselves and children have come to a holt. Please HELP SAVE LEBANON. The citizens deserve an investigation ACTION, not words. They need to know where BILLIONS of dollars of states funds have gone and deserve a right to life.

The Lebanese Government & central bank NEEDS an Investigation NOT assistance. The corrupt will always be corrupt. Justice to the citizens and accountability and conviction to those responsible.

The Lebanese Government, Politicians and the Central Bank have been taking advantage of the citizens, systems, laws and funding from countries internationally and nationally. The level of corruption and terrorism is visible. It does not require an expert to research. Laws are applied and changed to suit the benefits of the Government, politicians and officials, leaving citizens to struggle and defend for themselves.

This agenda is international. It concerns numerous countries with legislations on laundering, illicit funding and terrorist funding. These laws, frameworks, systems, processes and organisations are applicable and enforceable through international treaties and international acts and laws throughout the world.

The IMF and World Bank and any other international monetary, parliament or country are responsible for investigating and putting an end to terrorist funding and corruption, especially when these funds can be followed globally. Including the funds used for the bribing of voters in the 2018 elections. These are criminal offences in countries around the world.

1. WE want an investigation on funding provided by world bank and IMF to investigate the BDL & politicians. The Lebanese debt is a result of a mismanaged and corrupt government in association with organisations, NGO, businesses and individuals within the country and outside. FULL disclosure and investigation and civilly holding anyone responsible for stolen funds. 

The Central bank in Lebanon holds information, unlawful and non conforming. There have also been suggestions of underground banking systems designed for this form of corruption. The politicians, government past and present along with the central bank, protect one another by keeping silent.

This is one of the largest international scandals yet to be revealed. They are involved in numerous schemes to steal funds which are deceitful manipulating and corrupt. They have fooled the international community and neglect the country and citizens.

World Bank does not disclose project borrowers and implementing agencies to the public. Not only do the Lebanese deserve disclosure, countries which have funded these projects require the appropriate information to where the funds have gone and to whom. Secrecy on accounts in this situation should not apply in any country linked to Lebanon. Billions of dollars have been stolen from Lebanon and other countries good faith; every account must be transparent. This is an international emergency which requires urgent attention and investigation.

2. WE want world bank to disclose, transparent and publicly make available all projects including the borrower's names, implementing agencies, account names, amount of funds transferred, country placement, placement of these funds and names of individuals. And investigate each project. FULL disclosure and investigation and civilly holding anyone responsible for stolen funds. 

FATF Mena: List predicate offences related to money laundering and the articles criminalising the Lebanese Government. The Government or BDL has not enforced these Laws. These are criminal offences, and an investigation is required.

3. WE want the international watchdog "Financial Action Task Force" to action and investigate the numerous breaches in the assessments and follow up on the laws and articles made up by the BDL and government to remove them from the yearly assessments. Money laundering and terrorism funding are extremely visible and we cannot understand how this has been ignored. FULL disclosure and investigation and civilly holding anyone responsible for stolen funds. 

International Human rights laws reflect core international human rights and customary international laws. These include Human Rights, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. Human Rights have continuously been breached in almost every article. HR have recorded and written about these without any action taken or concern. UN co-ordinators, humanitarians, Ambassadors, officials living in Lebanon show support to a Government (past and present), that neglects every citizen, depriving them of a right to live, preventing people from achieving their full potential. When citizens see and feel this form of support, it gives no hope. It makes every individual feel forced to accept what is unlawful, dishonest, corrupt and unethical in every manner—leaving them with no social justice, How does this protect any rights the Lebanese have as humans? UN requires an immediate update on its representation to reevaluate the purpose of there existence in a country where humans deserve some much better than what they have.

4. Every human has a right to life in Lebanon. WE want International representative's investigated on terrorism and corruption. Most have been in the country for decades, no one can be this comfortable without some sort of gain. This is not a war, this is a revolution. Lebanon requires representatives experienced in today's world, individuals that represent citizens. FULL disclosure and investigation and civilly holding anyone responsible. 

The influence of Hezbollah and now Iran are clear indications of terrorism and the forms of funding behind closed doors. The purpose of anti-terrorism laws was to stop this type of financing and protect citizens and Lebanon.

The Lebanese citizens in Lebanon and diaspora are mortified. The corruption and terrorist funding have been left to continue for decades without any investigation from outside sources. Living conditions, including basic needs, are mismanaged and neglected. It appears to be accepted by every organisation and country in this petition.

The peaceful protests are about HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, TRUST & being ACCOUNTABLE for our actions. The Lebanese want a Government, people and laws that apply the same principles. The citizen's future vision is a country with opportunities for young and old.

The Citizens asked for a government that they can look up to and trust. What they got was a government that is Hezoballah backed, along with violence, murder, hunger, unemployment, no money, no health, no electricity, no water, no medication, no hospital, and an unconstitutional unlawful confidence vote to the new Government which was ignored. The Government does not benefit the country nor the people in any shape or form, not nationally or internationally. Lebanon cannot grow or interact with the rest of the world with this type of representation. They need to step down and allow an honest and transparent government that works for the people. A government that unites every citizen and does not divide them through their political parties. Kellon always meant Kellon.
We do not want war we want a right to life and the return of the state's funds.