Increase NY coffee price in order to help 25 million people stop living in poverty

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Leonidas Orozco Scaffini
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Need your help and support in order to promote and elevate the ny stock exchange coffee prices paid to coffee producers, and create awareness to the coffee funds and holders, specially those radicated in switzerland who control almost 75% of the trade, that in most of latin america, asia and africa, 25 million people depend on this crop, and 7 billion people around the world depend on the oxygen produced by coffee plantations , wildlife , birds, local and migrant, most worse,  in some countries its the only forest still available to produce oxygen!

Producers are paid $0.50 (yes 1/2 dollar) per pound, while the retailers sell ONE cup at $3.75, which by 40 cups in a pound makes an abismal proffit of $150 per pound (40*3.75-0.5)

So that brings a proffit to the industy of $15,000 per/100 lb bag and they pay the producer $90 per/100 lb bag!!! IS THIS FAIR TRADE?

25 million people who depend directly from coffee around the world are living under the line of poverty for the fourth year in a row. Coffee is being affected by pest and climate change so hard, that in 5 years from now, coffee offer will dropp drastically! As coffee growers will switch to illegal crops which are by far more profitable or just abandon coffeelands because bankrupcy due to unprofitability!

So if you love your daily coffee,  lets start helping by improving the amount paid to producers and help them pay coffee production costs and make some profit, and maintain or increase coffee jobs, lets help stop migration in search of a job to a different country, and help stop the switch of productives lands to illegal crops.

The real fact  is that in 5 years the price of a cup of coffee will be outrageous because of the lack of beans available in the market! Violence, unemployment will come together!

Think about it please and lets change the culture of how the trade is done, this is not fair trade !!