Fight corruption in Land administration to end land injustices

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Land corruption is so apparent that it’s as good as invisible. We’ve been pulled and slushed in this cycle of land corruption, so much so, that it’s now a part of our daily life. 

Millions of men and women bear the brunt of political and grand corruption in relation to land: when they are not involved in decision-making on land deals, their land is grabbed, or expropriated, and/or they are inadequately compensated for their land

 Men and women have  limited access to information, limited participation in decision-making, complex laws and procedures regulating land ownership, and insufficient access to justice are some of the driving forces behind land corruption, while the insufficient capacity of local land offices and traditional institutions makes it more difficult for officials to support good governance practices. Limited anti-corruption oversight by independent bodies and a perceived lack of consequences for abusing power in land management and administration processes also enable a climate of corruption.

This block chain-enhanced system takes over and registers a sale deed in the presence of the buyer and seller, then processes the sign-offs by both the buyer and seller and push the transaction to the approval stage. After the transaction is approved, an automatic transfer of ownership is completed. And importantly, the system will also be able to handle land titles with multiple owners.

From the administrator’s perspective, there are significant transparency, accuracy and efficiency gains to be had. They will now be able to view and monitor the state of the property and sale deed in near real-time, as well as have instant access to a complete and permanent transnational history for each property and sale deed.

The beauty of this system is that citizens engaged in buying and selling property will neither require any block chain accounts or wallets nor will they experience a change in the way they currently interact with the land registry. The block chain engine simply works quietly but powerfully in the background. The solution will also increase citizens’ confidence in the government and make the overall customer experience less cumbersome. Most importantly it will enhance data security and ensure authenticity of land records.

Let us all act now for a  #CorruptionFreeworld 

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