Unlimited internet connection on merchant ships.

Unlimited internet connection on merchant ships.

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Started by Akash Pandey

This is about the living conditions of merchant sailors onboard ships. The days have advanced and the world has become more and more integrated by internet.


And internet is the only main connection a sailor has with his/her family at home. And by all means a lot of shipping companies do give out sufficient amount of data to all of it's crew but a lot of them don't. They do give out some amount of data but that isn't enough at all, like 500 MBs per month. I'm sure you'll agree that that's nothing for today's conditions as file sizes are becoming bigger and bigger and calling requires much more data for a clearer voice.


Being connected to your family is crucial for any sailor's mental well-being. It not only takes away your mental stress but also helps you recover from depression if something happens onboard. A lot of people commit suicide these days just because they had no one to talk them out of it.


At last I wanna request INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION, INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION AND DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF SHIPPING to please help provide a valid solution for this problem, a minimum of 1 gb per day of data is required.


Even if you cannot provide us with this amount of data now, it's not an issue. We just want you to address this problem and work on this as soon as possible.


Thank you

53 have signed. Let’s get to 100!