Allow GIRLS to wear black shoes, just like BOYS at ILTEXAS

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I am proud of the fact that my 2nd grade daughter is a part of the student body at Texas International Leadership School in Texas.  So proud that, on the first day of school, I took a picture of her in her fresh uniform and bright white shoes.  

We are now midway in the school year.  Unfortunately, the white shoes aren't so white anymore.  Even after purchasing 3 pairs this year, no matter how many washes and layers of scotch-guard, they look absolutely terrible.

The gray dirty shoes just don't match the crisp and professional look of the uniforms anymore.  I'm sure that dirty grimy white shoes wasn't what ILTexas had in mind when they designed the uniforms.

It's a real burden on the parents of young girls to continue to purchase and unsuccessfully clean these white shoes.  A burden that parents of boys in the same grades don't have to endure.

Here are just a few of the complaints from like minded parents at our school:

  • Agreed! I used to try to wash them, but it is a losing battle. They just look so grungy after such a short time
  • I agree hard to keep daughter is on her third pair this school year!!
  • If they want the professional look of uniforms they're going to have to be practical. Our little girls aren't sitting on the sidelines braiding their hair. They're playing on the playground too.

Join us in asking ILTexas to change the white shoe requirement for girls Kinder thru 5th grade.