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Remove the rules enforcing female face cages in International Ice Hockey

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In the year 2016 where women's rights and equality are increasingly recognized as a priority in education, business, the military and politics; one might find it hard to believe that women do not have the same equality when choosing their own level of protective gear in not only professional, but amateur sports.

In the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) rule book, it states that an adult male may choose to wear either a full face cage on their helmet, or a half face visor.
However, minors and ALL females, must wear a full face cage at all levels of ice hockey, from amateur to professional leagues.

Whilst most might say it would be 'common sense' to wear a full face cage anyway, the fact that adult females are not given the same right to choose as men, is simply antiquated.

We are petitioning the IIHF to review this rule, in an attempt to bring such an internationally loved sport, into the 21st century. 

We encourage women and men world-wide to join us in making the IIHF aware of our disapproval of these discriminatory rules. 

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