IB Bilingual Diploma for a Higher Level Language B & Higher level English A subject.

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Many IB students spend countless hours studying for all their 6 IB HL and SL subjects. Some students even take English A Language and Literature or English Literature, and another Language B (eg. Russian, Spanish, French...) as Higher level IB subjects. For most students after completing the IB they are pretty much fluent and can apply both languages very well. And all this Higher level language work in their 2 years of the  IB Diploma programme, will still not earn them a Bilingual Diploma which they much deserve. This is because their second language (eg. Russian, Spanish, French...) was not taken at as a language A subject  level (native language) but taken as a language B subject level . Most IB students do not have the sufficient amount of years of learning or language skills to even enroll in a second language A course. And for them it is devastating to understand that they will not be earning an IB bilingual Diploma. And for this matter I would kindly ask the International Baccalaureate to please look into this matter; and consider revising the requirements for an IB bilingual Diploma.  I sincerely thank everyone for reading what I had to say. And wish everyone all the best of luck in their students and work.