Demand Honesty From IHOP-KC

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When I was an intern at IHOP-KC, I was raped by a staff member. Leadership brushed it under the rug, refused to let me go to the police, gaslit me into believing it was my fault, and retraumatized me by forcing me into situations I was uncomfortable with, including putting me in a small room with my rapist on multiple occasions.

------But this petition is NOT about me.------

I am simply using my story as an example of my personal experience with IHOP-KC's mishandling of sexual misconduct. This petition is about my friend Jennifer Roach, who recently won a lawsuit against her former church in Modesto, California, over ongoing sexual abuse she endured as a minor in the 80's at the hands one of the church's leaders. That leader, Brad Tebutt, has been working at IHOP-KC for years as an internship leader, despite this history of preying on a minor.

After putting him on a leave of absence to run an investigation led by GRACE, they have reinstated him as a leader at IHOP-KC, because of two reasons (see the article under resources for the full response given by IHOP-KC). The first reason is that they claim he is repentant of his actions. Frankly, that is irrelevant to the situation. People can repent and change their ways, but someone with his history simply should not get to work in ministry again, no matter the amount of time that has passed, nor the disposition of his heart. The second reason they list for reinstatement, and the entire reason for this petition, is that they claim he and Jennifer had a reconciliation --- a reconciliation that never happened --- that they say ended with her blessing Brad to return to ministry. This is something that IHOP-KC as a whole often does: they exhaust their resources to appear open, transparent, and concerned, but at the end of the day, the leadership team is actively compromising the safety of thousands of children and young adults by repeatedly pushing sexual abuse under the rug and making their missions base appear safer than it really is. This must stop. Brad Tebutt should either be let go or IHOP-KC should at the very least correct their statement regarding the reconciliation. If they want a man with Brad's history working on their missions base, they need to own that decision and not try to paint the situation to be one of reconciliation and forgiveness when it simply isn't. 

This petition is a fight for IHOP-KC to embrace a transparency that will enable the donors, attendees, and visitors make educated decisions in whether or not to support this organization. 

So please, sign this petition, share it, and let's plea together for the honesty of IHOP-KC.




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