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Started by Whitney Sparks

Black people of Marginalized Genders (MaGes or MAGEs includes trans people cis women and gender nonconforming and nonbinary people) are under CONSTANT ATTACK.

+ Three points that may not seem related, but bear with me:

1. Nature Deficit Disorder is a really a thing. Humans really need nature and we physically and emotionally long for it in its absence, our health deteriorating.

2. Nature really is protected by Indigenous stewards. Planet Earth really does need and rely upon humans who live and actively (spiritually) connect with its ecosystems to protected them. Nature that does not have such protectors because they were removed by colonization is seriously threatened and endangered.

So to recap 1&2: we humans are truly unhealthy without nature; nature is actually truly unsafe without human protection. …

Here’s the toughest part to accept from a modern (colonized) perspective, perhaps:

3. Black people are Indigenous people. And we need to get back to the land to fulfill our duties as nature stewards and protectors. Only if we want to, of course, but. Every single opportunity to make that transition easier for us, as we are among the most brutally victimized survivors of colonization, absolutely must be taken and made the most of. The restoration of our positions as sacred stewards of natural ecosystems is essential — and Mother Earth ordained.

Black Lives are as Precious as Land! … Black and Native and indeed all truly BIPOC exclusive solidarity are the greatest threat to kyriarchal US imperialism.

Specifically, because we live at the intersections of the oppressions known as misogynoir:

Black mothers and MaGes absolutely NEED and DESERVE SANCTUARY. Safe Space. Homes of our own. Places where we have time to HEAL.

Black MaGes safe and free at home is a whole Revolution!!!!

If you get that, and you with that, please sign and join our movement!

150 have signed. Let’s get to 200!