Invisible Art Visible Artists, Asking Film Festivals to Add Editing Category

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While the role of the editor is a key element in film production production, the best editing is often relatively invisible. Designed to keep the audience in the story, the craft is often referred to as the “Invisible Art.”

"The Editor creates the first cut as the film is being shot, which requires skills in storytelling, performance and shot selection, structure, rhythm, pace, length, taste and talent. This first viewing of the film is often the most important, as a first impression is formed and it helps the filmmakers to define the task ahead. The Director and Editor are collaborators in the process of refining and trimming, working closely together through completion and delivery of the final film". -American Cinema Editors

If I assume script and performance is a notation targeted to the heart of the audience, editor is the skilful player who plays that notation. Each trained player can play a written staff. But a skilful editor interprets the story bits with his or her own sensibility. Reshaping screenplay, choosing performance, employing tricks to make a scene work etc are the basics of editing, that all of us know to do more or less. Difference lies on how we constrict story bits to satisfy our creative needs. Editing is a performance based art form like music. You can not analyse performance with how deeply or softly a player presses a key, it is the overall impression of the performance. Timing a shot, pacing story bits, juxtaposition are personal interpretation of story bits and works in micro level, but they shape the whole emotional spectrum of the story. This is how an editor makes a story lively with lots of emotional story bits developed during the editing.
Now a days with the advancement in technology, editors not only make decisions about editing to shape the narrative but also to re-frame the shots in order to correct the composition. So the final Vision of the film, starting from acting, narrative structure to pacing for music, everything is a result of the collaboration between an editor and the director.

As the festivals' submissions for the major film festivals are about to begins within a few months, I am requesting filmmakers and film critics to sign the petition. We are asking the festivals to honour the work of the artists who devotes the highest time in a film than any other film crew member, except for the director. Those who are in this profession of film making, they must agree with me that including the "Editing" in the Award Category will honour the job of the Invisible artists as well as aid in inspiring others to dive deep inside the film language. It is also encouraging for the future generations who want to persuade this profession. New people coming to this profession will result in more new forms of narratives being born.

Please kindly request International Film Festivals to add Editing Category for Fiction and Non fiction storytelling.

Thanking You


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