International culpable and punishable law for Beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH Blasphemy

International culpable and punishable law for Beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH Blasphemy

11. Juni 2022
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Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

Gestartet von Arshad Thonge

Respected dignitaries,

With ever increasing and rampant Islamophobia globally, I would like to bring it to your attention, that people who do not seem to have correct and authentic knowledge and information of Islam or the people having,

1.     sinister purpose,

2.    obnoxious intentions

3.    Illiteracy of Islam,

4.    Covert mentality,

5.    Gain political mileage by spreading religious hatred among innocent,

malign the sacrosanct pillars of Islam through various ways and means such as by burning Quran in public view or congregation (for example in Denmark) or making mockery of Hadees of Beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH, and particularly by disrespecting Beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH publicly (recently in India).  Well, such act of showcasing hatred for Islam is highly obvious, but at the same time people with monotheistic faith, especially Islam aren’t oblivious of scathing attacks, new ways and innovative ideas and/or techniques to sacrilege Islamic scriptures, books and personality especially our Beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH.   Their animosity and hostility are certainly deep rooted in their hearts and people with such characteristics, do not shirk away any single movement to spew venom against Prophet Mohammad PBUH.  Indeed, such bias, irrational, unmindful and highly provocative incidents not only polarize people but also further exacerbate hatred.


Therefore, I would like to request that, there MUST be an international law against sacrilege of Islamic scriptures such as Quran, Hadees and essentially and especially for disrespecting Beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH.  Indeed, faith is a personal choice and preference and as rightly stated none other than by our God in the last scripture – The Quran, “Let there be no compulsion in religion, for the truth stands out clearly from falsehood.” (2:256)

And further it’s stated in Quran,

“Do not revile those whom they invoke other than Allah, because they will revile Allah in ignorance out of spite. For We have indeed made the deeds of every people seem fair to them. Then, their return is to their Lord, and He will inform them of what they have done.” (6:108)

Furthermore, here comes the final nail in the coffin,

Say: “O unbelievers! I do not worship those that you worship. neither do you worship Him Whom I worship; nor will I worship those whom you have worshipped; nor are you going to worship Him Whom I worship. To you is your religion, and to me, my religion “(109:1-6)


As it’s clearly visible from Quran chapters, that faith indeed is personal choice and our God (who is not only the God of Muslims, rather he’s creator, cherisher and God of entire Universe and creation and to whom shall all we return) also instruct not to humiliate other worldly deities and gods.  The Muslim abide by these chapters 100%, hence you’ll not get to see a single incident or event, where Muslims either disrespect or desecrate other faiths or scriptures.  Well!  The freedom of expression is certainly quintessential in today’s open society and is also highly appreciated but using this liberty and freedom in a wrong way is also highly objectionable and condemnable.  Indeed, there is exist almost invisible line between expressing one’s opinion or expression and insulting and disrespecting religion or religion scripture or personalities. And not to surprise with the result of such incidents, one gets to see that not only illiterate or novice masses, but also people with high mental caliber and part of affluent society board the wagon of hatred and leave no stone unturned to create geopolitical unrest, religious resentment and gain from situation.


As we all know, that in Europe: it’s taboo - do not discuss or deny Genocide of

6 million Jews during World War Era, similarly there must be an International Rule not to blaspheme Islamic scriptures and Prophet Mohammad PBUH.  Any act or incident must be dealt with strictly and seriously, such as deprivation or revocation of special privileges for example, MFN – Most Favored Nations, and open and unconditional apology and assurance from the organization or country that in future no such incident will occur again.  In case it happens again, then organization or country must be heavily fined, their ambassador must be summoned to UNGC and must be reprimanded and warned openly to avert such situation in their respective countries.

The world certainly beautiful (though this world is not forever), if mind and thought of people living on this planet is also clean and beautiful.  If due to some reason the thoughts are eclipsed, then certainly such act may generally jeopardize the mentality of the people and in particular the entire humanity.


Hence considering the abovementioned points, I request General Secretary of United Nations to consider my request to come up with a rule against blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad PBUH.


Yours sincerely,

A Prophet Mohammad PBUH Lover

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