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Saudi Arabia must be tried as a war criminal

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International Criminal Court (ICC) has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

The reason of establishing such a court is to prosecute the perpetrators of the above crimes in an independent inter-governmental court and to make them answer in front of the international society.

The officials of the Saudi Regime have to be prosecuted as a criminal in ICC over the unlimited murders against Yemeni civilians.

The accusations on Saudi Arabia:

Based on the published statistics by Legal Center for Human Development. (Until January 19, 2016)

1. Massacre of 8143 people in air and land attacks including 4628 men, 1519 women and 1996 children.

2. Leaving 15184 people wounded including 11826 men, 1576 women and 1782 children.

3. Displacing more than 1200000 Yemenis inside the country or leaving refugees outside borders due to Saudi attacks.

4. Attacking hospitals and medical centers, even bombing the hospital of the UN's doctors without borders.

5. Using banned weapons including cluster bombs.

6. Endangering the lives of Yemenis by total besieging and not allowing the humanitarian aid enter inside the country.

7. Bombing and destroying Yemen's economical frameworks and units including 14 airports, 10 harbors, 512 bridges and roads, 125 electricity generators and power plants, 164 water reservoirs, 970 governmental buildings, 546 food warehouses, 353 bazaars and trade centers, 409 food carrying convoys, 238 gas stations, 190 factories, 42 sports centers, seven grain store-pits and 125 units of animal and poultry.

8. Destroying houses and social service centers including, 325137 houses, 238 service centers, 569 schools and training institutions, 39 university complexes, 16 media complex, 615 mosques, 59 historical monuments and 119 tourist centers.

Please sign this petition if you support the prosecution of Saudi Arabia for war crimes in international courts.

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