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Prosecute Katie Hopkins with Incitement to Genocide.

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"Generally speaking, “incitement” means encouraging or persuading another to commit an offense by way of communication, for example by employing broadcasts, publications, drawings, images, or speeches." - definition. 

Katie Hopkins has written an article that reads like a piece of Nazi propaganda mixed with an exert from 1984. She's calling for humans to be killed systematically for simply crossing borders, inciting genocide in (sadly) one of the biggest newspapers this country. I think she should be charged with incitement to genocide for doing so. 

I'm the descendant of immigrants and a student/volunteer, my father (child of an immigrant) has a Phd in neuroscience, my mother (descendant of immigrants) is a teacher and councillor; and to suggest that our relatives should've been killed for coming to England for a better life fills me with anger. I feel very little anger towards her as an individual, I pity her because I can only imagine how scared and insecure one must be to view the world in this way. Hating millions of people you've never met for reasons that make no sense. 

The anger I feel is towards the climate in which this is allowed to be published and read by thousands of people. That we as a nation have let ourselves slide into a post millennium pre-war Nazi Germany. 


I beg that if anyone reads The Sun, just stop. And more importantly I hope we can get enough signatures so she gets her comeuppance .

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