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In a country where the average person lives below internationally agreed poverty lines, citizens, in addition to their daily struggles, are in fear for their lives on a daily basis . The notorious police unit that was supposedly set up as the "Special Anti Robbery Squad" (SARS) has served as, for lack of a better phrase, a serial killing unit, with countless promising young lives cut off for NO JUST REASON.

The #ENDSARS movement by the youth of NIGERIA started on the 7th of October, 2020 as protests, demanding for the government to dissolve the UNIT. On the fifth day of the protests, the government claimed it had "disbanded" the unit by forming a new unit "Special Weapon Tactical Team" to carry out the same function as the former. The protests went on as peaceful protests for 11 days, where the homeless were fed and protesters cleaned up after themselves!!! The government became threatened by the unwavering stance of the Nigerian youth and as at today, 20th October 2020, released the Nigerian army to protests grounds to "shoot on sight" at peaceful protesters, after enforcing a 4pm curfew that was only announced 3 hours prior. As this petition is being typed, over 20 civilian, unarmed protesters have been killed by either police or army in the course of these protests.

THESE MUST SOMEHOW MEET THE "REQUIREMENT" OF WAR CRIME. Worse still, in a DEMOCRACY and on your citizens. MUHAMMADU BUHARI must be tried as a War criminal. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!!!!!! 

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