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Investigate Philippines for crimes against humanity.

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     At the present almost 7000 people have been murdered through extra-judicial killings and vigilante assassinations. The victims are usually the weak and impoverished urban poor including innocent minors who are suspected of illegal drugs use and sale and petty crimes. There is an existing impunity from the law that favours police personnel involved in the killings and their vigilante cohorts and further aggravated by tolerance and complicity by higher authorities. A political atmosphere has developed that encourages, perpetuates and support human rights abuses while those who stand against it are subjected to political harassment. These events create an extremely dangerous sociopolitical precursor for a social consciousness that undermines respect for human life, rights and dignity and erosion of rule of law. And finally it empowers the very few who believe they can murder or oppress anyone and walk away with impunity.

    Lets us unite and stop the mass killings. Stand up for our time honoured moral principles of upholding and protecting human life, rights and dignity and due process of law. In a global world of humanity we are all connected with each other and whatever endangers one of us is dangerous to all of us. Please help stop the killings and political harassment for we don't know who will be the  next... 


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