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Indict Donald Trump for crimes against humanity

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Donald Trump has committed many crimes before his presidential campaign (child rape, money laundering) and during his presidential campaign (inciting violence and racism). To top it off, in his first weeks as President of the United States of America, he committed a far worse crime.

On January 28th, he dispatched a team of Navy SEALs to Yemen's Al-Bayda Governorate to attack a base belonging to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (a terrorist organization), without adequate intelligence. Working alongside commandos from the United Arab Emirates, the SEALs ended up being ambushed by numerous Al-Qaeda militants, resulting in the death of Chief Petty Officer William Owens. When the SEALs called in air strikes against the Al-Qaeda positions, the strikes instead killed numerous non-combatant women and children, including the eight-year old daughter of the late Al-Qaeda commander and preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, Nawar al-Awlaki.

These war crimes, coupled with Donald Trump's Islamophobic views and the Muslim ban, fuel the false narratives of Al-Qaeda and ISIL that the Western world, including America, is at war with Islam, therefore giving these organizations an incentive to recruit more people for their respective causes.

Therefore we must urge the International Criminal Court to indict Donald Trump for crimes against humanity. To remind the ICC, Donald Trump is not the legitimate President of the United States, as evidenced by his many crimes, including the recent war crimes he committed in Yemen. He must be indicted for his crimes and anyone in his administration must be indicted as well for abetting the crimes, so as to pressure Congress and Senate (both with Republican majorities) to impeach Trump and those officials.

It's the duty of the International Criminal Court to ensure that the crimes of world leaders of Trump's caliber will not go unpunished.

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