Demand the ICC to investigate the acts of U​.​S​.​A. state officials at George Floyd protests

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The International Criminal Court is the highest international and independent legal organization appointed by 123 member states to protect human rights and ensure justice across the globe. 

"The International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates and, where warranted, tries individuals charged with the gravest crimes of concern to the international community: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression." ICC Website

We, citizens of the world, demand the ICC to investigate a large amount of qualitative evidence in the form of videos, news reports, eye witnesses, articles and other media about crimes against humanity by U.S. state officials. As well as an investigation into the role of implementing aggressive policies and the calls for violence in public media from president Trump which form a threat to national security and can further escalate the situation.
With the critical situation at hand I urge the ICC to take action. I am fully aware that the ICC has no jurisdiction inside U.S. borders - however it is has a duty of investigating, informing, advising and serving justice and peace for citizens worldwide, including citizens of the United States of America.


1) Serve as an independent and reliable source of juridical support for U.S. citizens with reference to international law and human rights.

2) A statement from the ICC concerning the current developments in the U.S. and the reported crimes against civilians by state officials.

3) A statement from the ICC concerning the threats from president Trump towards U.S. citizens and his calls for violence, aggression and the army to suppress activists.

4) A call to action towards all of the ICC member states and their leaders to de-escalate the situation and urging president Trump to stop the violence and take the problem of racism seriously with reforms that serve justice.

5) An investigation and a constant monitorization into the legality of actions taken by U.S. law enforcements and the legality of actions and decisions taken by president Trump.

6) An extensive research that examines economic, social/racial and governmental bias in the U.S. justice system in collaboration with independent domestic and international experts in order to create a clear and concise report of proposed reforms for U.S. lawmakers.

Thank you for serving justice.