New Zealand to share ICC World Cup title

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On the 14th of July 2019 the cricketing world witnessed one of the greatest games in the history of the sport. England and New Zealand played a game of cricket which transcended the game itself and our preconceptions about winning and losing in life.

An injustice was not served to any party nor was the spirit of the game compromised despite the magnitude of the occasion. Both teams were respectful to the rules of the game and to each other.

Like many great sporting moments, luck played a significant role in key moments of the match. Marius Erasmus did not get mean to extend an advantage to England on 2 occasions by dismissing Ross Taylor and denying Trent Boult against Jason Roy, but it happened. Ben Stokes didn't mean to intercept the ball in the 50th over, sending it to the boundary and granted 6 runs to bring his team within touching distance of the cup, but it happened. The rules weren't preconceived to advantage England in the super over by allowing Ben Stokes and Jos Butler to return to the crease fresh from batting, but it happened.

It is my belief that the greatness of this game has been tarnished by a rule that could easily be omitted and we as a race could allow for the first shared world cup trophy across all sports in a game where both sides deserved to be rewarded for maintaining their virtue and integrity.