Decision Maker Response

European Ombudsman’s response

Apr 17, 2018 — Dear Mr Stocker,

I write in reply to your petition concerning the Bulgarian Cricket Federation.

After carefully analysing your complaint, I am sorry to have to inform you that the European Ombudsman cannot deal with it. This is because it concerns an issue that is not within her mandate.

Article 228 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union stipulates that the European Ombudsman can investigate only complaints that concern the administrative work of the European Union's institutions and bodies, for instance the European Commission and European Union agencies.

The Ombudsman cannot look into complaints about other authorities or persons. (Article 2.1 of the European Ombudsman's Statute.)

You may consider contacting another authority, which might be able to offer a solution to your problem. Should you so wish, please find some contact details below:

While you may be disappointed that we cannot deal with your complaint, I am sure you will understand that the Ombudsman can act only in line with the legislation governing her office¹.

You are welcome to turn to the Ombudsman again should you encounter problems with an EU institution, body, office or agency.
Yours sincerely,

Peter Bonnor
Head of Process Management and Inquiries - Unit 5

European Ombudsman

Unit 5 - Process Management and Inquiries
1 avenue du Président Robert Schuman
CS 30403
F - 67001 Strasbourg Cedex

Information on the review procedure can be found on the Ombudsman’s website: