Blackcaps - Joint World Cup Winners

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I strongly feel that New Zealand’s Blackcaps should be Joint winners of the Cricket World Cup 2019.

Firstly, they have not lost the match during the 50 overs where they were 241 for 8 wickets compared to England 241 all out. In fact they lost two less wickets compared to England (logically this shows that NZ was the better team).

Secondly, in the super over they scored same number of runs as England. 

Thirdly, the umpiring errors in the last over which allowed:

a] England to get six runs instead of five

b] To allow Ben Stoke to be at the striker’s end for the last 2 balls 

If these umpiring errors had not happened there would have been no need to go into the super over and New Zealand would have been the sole winner of the World Cup.

The boundary rule used to declare England as the winner is totally illogical and even weird. 

Hence, in the interest of fair play and sportsmanship (which is what cricket is all about) we strongly recommend that Blackcaps and England are Joint World Cup Winners -  2019 and the current result need to reversed immediately.