Judgment and Prohibition of Communism in Democratic Countries

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Dear friends of the free World:

1- We're gathering signatures for a petition which seeks punishment to Communism, at the International Hague Court, in the same manner it was conducted at the Nuremberg Trials, in which Nazism was banned. Communism has murdered 5 (five) times more people than Nazism did, and nothing has been done to halt that ominous ideology;

2- It's known that this virus (Covid-19) is not the first pandemic of provenience from China since the beginning of the Communist Regimen, 70 years ago;

3- Although a deliberate human participation in the creation, or intentional development of this new mutation of a Corona virus cannot be stated, it's proven that this pandemic originated in China, supposedly because of a culture of eating exotic animals, some of them, carriers of the virus. The negligence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to deter the dissemination of the disease shows a lack of commitment to the compromise of never allowing the repetition of a pandemic like SARS. The CCP didn't honor their promise, thus incurring in a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Too many lives were lost.

So, we PLEDGE to PROHIBIT COMMUNISM and all of the similar ideologies, as stated:

1a- Dissolution of political parties of Communist connotation contents, in all of the countries which consider themselves to be DEMOCRATIC in the sense of Cleisthenes (Clisthenes), "Father of Classic Democracy, and the views of Rousseau (Jean-Jacques), "Father of Modern Democracy";

1b- Prohibition of any interference of Communism in all of the media (TV, radio, internet, cellphones, including its manufacturing), all of the press (books, magazines, etc) NO FAVORITISM to COMMUNISM and similar ideologies will be tolerated;

1c- Prohibition of any interference in Religion, or the creation of religious sects in which any Communist ideologies would apply;

1d- Prohibition of the creation or upkeep of any social institutions with the intention of spreading Marxist or similar ideologies;

1e- Prohibition of indoctrination of those ideologies in all of the Universities, schools, Scientific Research Centers, and Community Centers;

1f- Banish the display of any insignia and symbols with Communist allusions;

1g- The minimum sentence applied to the transgressors of these rules, should comply to each country guidelines, yet 7 years of confinement, or exile to a Communist country, is advised.

The World can NO LONGER accept the CRIMES committed by this dictatorial regimen. We ask for your KINDNESS and adherence, signing this petition.

Respectfully yours,