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Restoration of the Rights of Freedom and Democracy in Mexico

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Petition for the Restoration of the Rights of Freedom and Democracy in Mexico


1) We The People have the fundamental right to Civil Liberty and political Democracy as our form of government agreed upon by Society as a whole.


2) These fundamental rights shall not be violated by public officials, private corporations, groups of interest or organized crime, regardless of political affiliation.


3) No public official can legally refrain from investigating and, whenever possible, punish acts committed to damage the democratic process of electing public officials. Accusations presented before public officials should be listened to and attended by them, regardless of social condition (such as being poor, students, human rights advocates or members of the opposition).


4) We denounce that in Mexico, democratic elections (officially held on July 1st) have been destitute of the most basic control of campaign finance rules and others.


5) We believe this blatant omission by public officials is part of a conspiracy to commit fraud directed by the leadership of the PRI political party. The same political party that ruled the country for almost the entire 20th century, allowing no civil opposition of any kind.


6) Massive financial violations on PRI’s part have been publicly denounced by the leadership of both 2 other major Mexican political parties: Acción Nacional Party (right) and Revolución Democrática Party (left). Authorities withdrew legal process during campaign season, regarding these most serious calls for urgent intervention to avoid an imminent widespread fraud (which indeed happened, resulting in members of the opposition killed or kidnapped, and possibly thousands of officials being bribed or intimidated to turn a blind eye on felonies throughout the country).


7) PRI’s violation of financial campaign rules could sum up as much as 66 million dollars for the presidential race alone.


8) We demand Cartel money out of elections in Mexico. Public officials involved must be punished. A cover up of these dreadful events could usher in a regime controlled by Cartels. Many visible PRI leaders such as former governor Tomás Yarrington have been tied to organized crime and other mafias. Not one has been processed in Mexico ever since the brother of former PRI president Carlos Salinas was (who has already been freed).


9) This wretched election and political process in Mexico threatens fundamental Human Rights of thousands of members of the opposition, and the Rule of Law in the country.


10) As a result of violation of democracy in the country, potentially millions of people living in poverty will be rendered helpless and would have to flee the country to neighbor nations during the following months and years, escaping public corruption, political persecution, organized crime and famine. The last administration leaves 15 more million people living in poverty alone. Many million Mexicans had to flee during the last decade alone.


11) This most grave situation represents a true Refugee Crisis comparable to those of Sudan and other countries, and International Law is most concerned with it.


12) We call the International Community for Public Solidarity and cooperation: current political further deterioration of Mexico’s wellbeing represents a menace to other countries’ national security, and an intolerable violation of Civil Liberties and Democracy in the country. Please inform yourself through independent data and testimonies about how PRI steals the election, and take action before it is too late. Intervention from media empire Televisa (associate and investor of PRI party) to impose an illegitimate Presidential candidate in contempt of the Law and basic democratic process, demands urgent action. Televisa (which controls more than 60% of the country’s media market) declared a winner Sunday night without even 3% of the vote being counted. It is a mockery to Democracy. The world most know the truth about these current violations in Mexico which have besieged the country and its People.


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