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Dear Ugandans, global citizens and friends of Uganda,

As one of the Ugandan diaspora community, I am concerned that Museveni's regime is taking too long to fall. And as you might have seen already, the longer it takes the more we lose in terms of human life, property dignity, human worth etc. Particularly, the International community is doing very little to isolate the regime. My plan is to make international isolation real.

Here is the plan:

We are going to institute a court case against M7 using international law, under UNIVERSAL JURISDICTION. It is possible according to my research. AND it is possible according to several lawyers spoken to. To do this, I have identified a country in Europe where the case can be lodged. And lawyers are advising that since it is a very political case, we need to gather many signatures from people across the globe who feel that that man is a big danger to humanity. we need about 2,000,000 signatures or more, according to my lawyers and other pundits. But as you all know,  poverty and bad leadership have not allowed Uganda to have a sizeable online community. Besides, the despotic government has made it more difficult for the citizens to stay online by increasing internet tax.  Sometimes, the government deliberately switches off the internet and radios etc so as to keep the country in the dark. 

That is why we need all activists from across the globe, friends of Uganda and all people of good will to support this monumental exercise by signing the petition which has a huge potential to catapult the eventual downfall of this monstrous dictator. We can easily get more than 2,000,000 signatures and the historic case will begin. I am almost 100% sure this will be the beginning of the fall of that regime. As of now, IT IS THE WORST REGIME in Africa.

I happen to be the Chairperson, SCAD (SUPER COALITION AGAINST THE DESPOTS). In case you deem it necessary, I can be reached thru whatsapp:+31626195447. Email: I thank you very very much for your support in this matter.