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Form the Red Crescent Corps to help civilians in war zones with quicker assistance

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As battles rage on and leaders detach themselves from Global crises in 2018 and beyond, the most hard-hit are the civilians caught in the middle. They are relentlessly targeted by ground and aerial forces while humanitarian aid appeals are diminishing. Aid convoys are either stopped or unable to proceed into bisieged areas. This has led to chronic rates of malnourishment in some conflict zones like Yemen. With more stray bullets, munitions, and bombs, civilians have a higher injury rate and less of a chance to either be hospitalized or be presented with medical assistance.

To counter such conditions, it is imperative that new measures be introduced. One such initiative is the formation of an unarmed, netrual, yet disiplined and competent corps in certain countries to specifically operate in combat. The corps would have three main objectives of humanitarian aid delivery, evacuations, and medical assistance. An example of such an organization is the White Helmets in Syria. It was formed some years ago to address the issue of indiscriminate bombings that led to massive casualities and injuries. They are responsible for saving the lives of countless people while also providing a sense of security and safety to those in war zones.

Such a corps as described above would be an additional facet of standard international community services. Currently, there are police forces, fire services, and medical services in all of the countries of the world. Prior to each of their introductions, uncontrolled fires, regular muggings, and quick, preventable death weren't just commonplace, they were the norm. When will it be decided that severe malnorishment, polio outbreaks, preventable deaths by a medical presence, and others will not be acceptable and should definetly not be considered normal? 

The new program would be entitled the "Red Crescent Corps". It would be present in countries in the Muslim world(North Africa, Middle East, South Asia) with ongoing crises, such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, among others. 

There are currently Red Crescents in these countries. They are dedicated to delivering aid, evacuating civilians, and providing medical assistance. However, they are falling short. Only when there are de facto ceasefires can these groups be seen or be present. During active conflict, the local populace is mostly left to themselves. This is devasting when there is frequent aerial bombardment or ongoing live fire and no aid or assitance coming in.

The Red Crescent Corps would be an elite version of the current Red Crescent groups with fitness standards and advanced training to cover this gap. As well as a religious component to raise morale among its members. 

Most importantly, it would be self funded in that most of the funds would come from within the country's borders, not outside them. Perhaps different factions and civilians can all donate towards a common, neutral Red Crescent Corps. 

The members too would be as diverse as the country they are in is. 




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