Global Economic Boycott against Communist China to Curb Tyranny Expansion 全球抵制中共經濟遏止暴虐擴張

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We are a group of Hong Kong people under tyranny rule of the Communist China Government (abbreviated as “China” below) who violates the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed in 1984, having undermined Hong Kong’s autonomy, freedom, rights and democracy.  In this summer, Hong Kong has been suffering from an unprecedented institutional oppression and police violence

However, Hong Kong is not the only sufferer.  Anywhere China has its power covered see bully, stripping of freedom and economic intimidation.  Sufferers include the Uighurs in Xinjiang, religions believers and rights defenders in Mainland China, enterprises and members of the public around the world holding political views different from those of China, and the less developed countries where China has exported its corruption culture during its economic expansion there.  

This shows that today’s world peace and human’s well-being are under big threats from China which is under one-party dictatorship rule of the Chinese Communist Party.  Yet, with its rapid economic growth in the last 40 years leading it to become the world’s second largest economy, China’s acts of violating human rights and infringing international agreements are difficult to be curbed with its enormous economic and military strength.  People suffering from its bully only feel helpless.

Thus, in order to safeguard our right to survival and dignity, we now call upon all members of the public around the world, including the business sector, to launch economic boycott against China indefinitely to deter the unrighteous and tyranny regime from expanding its terror, hence rescuing world peace. 

We call upon everyone to make such boycott within one’s greatest capacity, until the day when China stops ruining human rights and human dignity, and returns to the family of a world upholding and implementing good will.

Here below are the suggested boycott items and a brief list of violence and oppressive acts China has committed.   

Boycott items:

1. Withdraw all deposits from banks with majority of its capital from mainland China and terminate the bank accounts.

2. Stop consuming China products and services.

3. Boycott financial securities of China capital.

4. Stop tourist activities in China.

5. Sell out all RMB (China currency) at hand and make no purchase of it.

6. Boycott investment in the “Belt and Road" Initiatives and all related economic activities.

7. Whenever there’s a choice, choose a business partner other than those from China.

8. Recommend others to join this campaign.

Brief list of China’s oppressive acts in domestic and international scenes:

  • Hong Kong, under the “One Country, Two System” principle laid down in the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed by China, is supposed to enjoy high degree of autonomy, but China violates this international agreement and frequently intervenes Hong Kong’s internal affairs, undermines its freedom and infringes upon its people’s rights.  Examples are illegally abducting Hong Kong people to mainland China, deterring dissidents from running elections, manipulating elections with unlawful means to make pro-Beijing candidates win, implementing China laws in Hong Kong which is violating the Basic Law as the constitution for Hong Kong, overthrowing the promise of implementing universal suffrage and destroying Hong Kong’s judicial independence.  China’s foreign affairs officials have repeatedly announced that the Sino-British Joint Declaration is now no longer valid but actually it does not expire until 2047.
  • In this summer of 2019, the Communist China Government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government have joined hands to rudely stand against Hong Kong people’s will, trying to push forward an amendment bill enabling extradition of Hong Kong people to mainland China, which is widely objected by all walks of life in Hong Kong.  To resist such political oppression, Hong Kong people take to the streets for protests but meet with excessive police
    violence.  The police are also seen to connive with triad society that the latter launches serious physical attacks on protesters but the police are slack in prosecuting these attackers.  In such context, China government publicly announced their full support to the police, while accuses Hong Kong people of advocating Hong Kong independence when we only demand withdrawing the amendment bill, holding the police responsible for unlawful violence and realizing universal suffrage. 
  • About one million Uighurs inhabited in Xinjiang within China are under horrible torture inside re-education camps, undergoing ethnic cleansing through extinction of Uighur culture and population by forcing Uighurs to learn Han language (China’s official language), China history and praise China’s Communist Party, forcing the abandon of Uighurs’ Islamic belief and religious life and imposing torture on those disobedient; conducting forced labour;  forcing separation between parents and children; preventing Uighurs from bearing offspring through brutal means like forcing Uighur women to take sterilization drugs or to marry Han Chinese who are the majority in China.    
  • Massive scale of religious persecution has been underway in Mainland China when followers of various religions are arrested and physically tortured; churches, temples and mosques dismantled; clergypersons jailed; religious statues damaged and Bible under forced re-interpretation by the government.  
  • A multitude of rights defenders, lawyers and dissidents in China are detained and tortured.  Licenses of those lawyers defending rights for their clients are revoked and hence their livelihood destroyed.  
  • China’s economic expansion around the world with its Belt and Road plan has exported China’s corruption culture and surveillance technology to those countries join the plan.  Outside China, enterprises and their employers who hold political view different from that of China face economic sanction.  People in different countries joining rallies to support groups defiant against China are beaten up by mainland Chinese people there.

Communist China committing Crime against Humanity now attempting to change international rules to control the world at large

All the above mentioned shows that the Communist China has already committed Crime Against Humanity.  Even worse, such a country outrageously trampling on human dignity and infringing international agreements has been capitalizing on its economic power to change international rules and seize senior management positions in international organizations, in a bid to make the world follow its own rules which disrespect humans and rule of law.   

Thus the world must now join hands to deter China from expanding and surviving on its tyranny by refusing to yield to its economic power, otherwise Hong Kong’s loss of freedom and autonomy will become a global fate. 

This appeal letter is also sent to the International Chamber of Commerce which represents 4.5 million companies from 100 countries around the world.







1. 提取存於中資銀行的所有存款,結束戶口。

2. 停止消費中國產品及服務。

3. 罷買中共紅色資本股票及證券。

4. 不到中國境內旅遊。

5. 沽出所有人民幣存款。

6. 杯葛所有「一帶一路」的投資及經濟活動。

7. 在任何有選擇的情況下,挑選非中國的生意伙伴。

8. 呼籲他人加入此抵制行列。


  • 香港在《中英聯合聲明》的國際協約下,實施一國兩制,高度自治,但中共多次違反聯合聲明,干預香港內政,削弱香港自由及侵害人權,例如越境虜人、剝奪異見人士參選權、以不法手段操控選舉令親中共者勝出、在香港境內違憲實施中國內地法律、推翻普選承諾、摧毀司法獨立。中共外交部更多次公開推翻《中英聯合聲明》協約,宣告其現已失效,但協約有效期為2047年。
  • 今夏至今,中共和香港特區政府聯手粗暴漠視民意,強推遭到社會廣泛反對的逃犯修訂條例。民眾為抗制度暴力,上街抗議卻遭警方濫施暴力而未能追討公道;警察由得黑幫毆打斬殺示威者卻怠慢執法,中共反而全力支持警隊行為,把民眾希望撤回修例、追究警暴和實行普選的要求,打成屬重罪的港獨。
  • 在新疆設立再教育營,關押多至一百萬維族人,進行文化清洗,強迫學習漢語、中國歷史及歌頌中共政權,強制該族人放棄伊斯蘭信仰習慣,違者受刑;強迫勞動;強行把孩童和父母分離;以多種殘酷手法阻止維族人延嗣,如強迫婦女吃絕育藥物、強迫與漢人通婚,作人口清洗。
  • 在中國國內進行大規模宗教迫害,拘捕及以酷刑虐待不同宗教信徒、強拆教堂、佛寺及清真寺、查封教會、監禁神職人員;損毀佛像和觀音像、改寫宗教經典。
  • 在中國國內拘押大量維權人士和律師及異見人士,施以酷刑。有關律師被吊銷牌照,無法執業營生。
  • 中國「一帶一路」的經濟擴張計劃把貪腐文化、監控人民技術輸出國外;對持不同政見的國外企業和員工進行經濟封殺;各地民眾自由集會支持與中共不同政見的群體時,遭到當地的中國大陸人士毆打滋擾。




此函並奉達國際商會(International Chamber of Commerce),該會代表著來自全球100個國家的4500萬所公司。