Justice for May 2020 IB Graduates - Build a Better Future! #IBSCANDAL

The moment the final exams were cancelled, the IB tried to implement a fair and consistent process to award grades. However "fair" was no longer a realistic outcome without final exams.

The actual choice the IB had, was a choice between an "academic" and a "generous" process. The IB chose an "academic" process, to work to a reasonable average. And that process left many students as losers.

The right moral judgment was to choose a "generous" process. Sure, averages would have ended too high. But fewer students would have been damaged as a result, and most would have been able to emotionally move on from a brutal year.

And what damage would a high average have done? Nothing serious. And that is how the students were sacrificed by the IB.


3 months ago
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