Justice for May 2020 IB Graduates - Build a Better Future! #IBSCANDAL

We are writing to request for a re-evaluation on the IB final grades as there are still a large number of students that have been negatively affected.

In light of the recent update from the IB, our IAs went from weighing 20% of the final grade to 100% of the final grade (this only applied if the predicted grade was one more point or one less point from the IA grade).

We fail to understand how an IA worth 20% of our final grade in any other year is an accurate representation of what we are capable of as students. For most subjects, an IA may only reflect knowledge of one topic (maybe even one subtopic) in the entire syllabus. It is very frustrating knowing that for other higher education boards, after an outcry from students and teachers (for only a few days after releasing results), every board did a U turn and candidates were awarded their teachers' predicted grades.

As students in the May 2020 session, we have watched some of our friends from other exam boards get their places in their first choice university while we are still struggling to find a place. We find it impossible to comprehend as to how a teacher's prediction is not an accurate representation of what a student is capable of as a whole. We note that, 'The IB noted a significant increase in the level of predicted grades awarded by teachers, including a 35.4% increase in the number of 7s predicted and a 17.5% in the number of 6s and 7s predicted.' However, we believe that this excuse is unjustifiable. If a similar statistic can be observed in other higher education boards, especially with the 'Triple Lock' system in the United Kingdom, then IB should be no exception. While one can argue that some of the other higher education boards have no coursework in their programs, some of them like A levels have AS level as part of their program which they could have easily used as final grades.

In addition, we also feel that IAs hold a great level of subjectivity as the final outcome of the IAs is very dependent on the external moderator. A teacher's prediction on the other hand takes into consideration the individual student as a whole. This therefore means that the teacher's prediction is a more accurate representation of a candidate's capabilities. It also allows for all students to be on a level playing field as all boards have used teacher predictions as final grades.

IB has always taught students to be fair and ethical in all matters, so why can't the IB practice what they teach. Several thousands of students are still unsatisfied with their final grades remaining unchanged and we all believe that a teacher's predicted grade is a more accurate representation of a candidate's capability and therefore, we are humbly requesting for teacher's predictions to be awarded as final grades (if the predicted grade was one point above or one point below from IA grades).

IB May2020, Oslo, Norway
3 months ago
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