Justice for May 2020 IB Graduates - Build a Better Future! #IBSCANDAL

The IA only contributes 20% of the final grade for most subjects, in particular the science subjects. Even though the IBO consider that they should remarks this 20% parts, the IBO is still using algorithm to predict the 80% written examination part. The U-turn in GCE A Level using teachers’ predicted grades has further pushed your IB students away from the door of their original choice of university degree course. While IBO has now further changed and used the IA as the final grade, without reasons why the 20% part can be used to represent the 80% part. However, this also means IBO is giving the benefits of doubt to its students. The IBO should give the benefits of doubt back to all your students, like the UK government, and award the students with their PGs if there are only 1 grade difference between the teachers’ PGs and the algorithm PGs.

Cindy Chow, Central District, Hong Kong SAR China
3 months ago
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