Petition to name Earth's quasi-moon "Gish"

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To the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center,

On behalf of ourselves and the signatories on this public petition, we would like to suggest that the Near Earth Object (NEO) currently designated (469219) 2016 HO3 be named "Gish."

Our intention is for the name to signify the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, a non-commercial charitable event that occurs annually to raise money for worldwide causes. Furthermore, this suggested name is fully in compliance with all IAU guidelines for the naming of NEOs.

Gish is a nonprofit event that annually raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy causes. Past events have created co-ops for the survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, taken refugees from Syria that were in terrible conditions and gave them a new lot on life, purchased 40,000 acres of rain forest to preserve the wildlife within, built a free high school in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, and built an orphanage and soup kitchen in Haiti following the devastating earthquake there. On a smaller scale, Gish encourages kindness, creativity, charity, art, and community involvement in all of its participants. Gishers come from around the world, and range from teen-aged fans, to college students, to celebrities, to business professionals, to NASA program executives, and every walk of life in between.

While our primary aim is to name 2016 HO3 after the event, it still meets the basic guidelines for the naming of NEOs. Per the information found on the IAU's Minor Planet Center website, objects like 2016 HO3 are intended to be named after deities excluding creation and underworld deities. Gish, apart from being an acronym for the event, is the name of the most popular mythological figure of the Nuristani people, a war-god from their pre-Muslim history.

The Nuristani people are perhaps best known in western culture for being featured in Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King," a story who's title was used for an episode of Supernatural starring Misha Collins, the founder of Gish.

Collins is an avid supporter of space exploration and regularly challenges Gish participants to ask space science organizations like the IAU to engage the hunt. In the 2018 scavenger hunt, which ended at the beginning of August, Collins asked participants to request that one of Jupiter's newly discovered moons (the one provisionally named Valetudo) be named Gish. This was not in keeping with the naming conventions of Jovian moons, but he was taken with the "oddball" status of the little moon. I believe (469219) 2016 HO3 also has "odd" qualities that make it a more fitting candidate for the name, was heralded in the media as Earth's own tiny "quasi-moon," and per the Minor Planets website seems to have no conflicting provisional name.

We hope you will consider this odd request. It is in the spirit of fun, adventure, and to encourage a greater interest in our solar system and in our universe.

Thank you,

Gish Team Subtext, and the following undersigned members of the Gish community


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