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Name the star R136a1 after Lord Beerus

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In the Southern Hemisphere, 163,000 Light Years away, the R136 cluster is home to some rare Wolf-Rayet stars with record breaking Masses temperatures, and Luminosities.

One stands above all the others in both mass and luminous output.

R136a1 is a monster that weighs in at 315 solar masses.
Surface temperature 53,000K giving it a blinding whitish Ultraviolet glare.
8.7million times our sun's brightness.
It produces as much luminous output as our sun does in a year.... every 3.6 seconds
R136a1 is the heaviest and most Luminous star ever discovered.

This petition will be brought to the attention of the IAU requesting that this one star be named after Purple deity of Destruction from the popular Anime series Dragon Ball Super, and the Battle of Gods movie, "Lord Beerus".
Written by Akira Toriyama, Animated by toei Animation

Not just a quirky tribute, but a very fitting representation of Color, and downright frightening levels of power output that defy human imagination and command awe and respect for the mind bending phenomena that are capable of existing in our Universe.

There are objects, planets, who've been petitioned for names derived from Dr. Who. i.e. Planet "Gallifrey". Naming things after familiar pop culture concepts is a way to link the interest of the public with the wonders of the universe and spark the imagination of anyone else who's curious.

Naming the star R136a1 after Lord Beerus, a frighteningly powerful purple deity would also honor it for the years to come.

 Youtube Video: Naming of R136a1 Lord Beerus

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