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For a decade now, female athlete, Caster Semenya has had to deal with racist and misogynistic comments and treatment from sport officials and institutions with her testosterone levels deemed as "unfair" to other female athletes. The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) has, recently, developed a policy that forces her to take medication to lower her testosterone levels in order for her to participate and  compete internationally being a non-binary black woman who has to conform to white standards of femininity. What is unfair, is the institutionalized misogyny and racism that this powerful black woman is experiencing for the 'comfortability' of white women in sport; what is unfair is this woman having to choose between her career and having her body violated. This is utter bs that the automatic robot-looking and performing Michael Phelps is praised for -- that right there, is what we call white male privilege. 

This medication is said to make her slower by 7 seconds; once again, so that white female athletes don't have to cry and have their backs pat for losing. This, once again, is the institutionalized misogyny and sexual discrimination from institutions that see it fit to police black women's bodies and this isn't the first time. How many more women will be violated like this? This discriminatory policy thrown at Caster because "she's a man" is supposedly "necessary, reasonable and proportionate" for fairness in women's sports. How? Isn't it illegal for athletes to take any drug before they compete -- yet a black woman is being forced to take one to make her weaker and slower to meet white standards of what a woman should look like and let alone, compete like?

We will fight for Caster Semenya, for her body and rights are being violated. We will fight for powerful black sports women like Caster and Serena Williams, for a powerful black woman intimidates them. We will fight for black women's rights. Lastly, we will fight because Caster does not deserve this and enough is enough!

Please sign this petition because Caster needs you to, and so does all black women.