The state of Michigan needs to stop mussling Pitt bulls at 6 months

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Okay so i have a question for anyone whose against pit bulls. Why? Do you have a dog? If so what breed? If you say any other breed than pit. This would be my comment. So you are telling me your dog is better because of a breed. What about the way you raise it? How would you feel if your dog had to be mussled after 6 months simply because of the "breed". You wouldnt like it. Pits are like ALL breeds. Take time to read about them online ask questions. Before you instantly beileve media. They tell you in 2009 51% of dog attacks where from pit bulls alone. Why have we never heard about the other breeds. The thing is not all pits attack the ones that do were raised that way or is protecting its family. What about the pits that rescue people, and save people. We dont hear about them. They are there. I wanna ask all my friends and family to share this. I want to change michigans laws against pits. #pitsarefamily make them hear us. Take and stop banning innocent pits. Please dont ever make it a law to mussle a breed. Either mussle all dogs, or don't. I dont want to mussle my baby because people are ignorant. Its time to change. Maybe I cant make a change. Although I make it my life goal to make michigan a loving state to pit bulls. They deserve better. Stop blaming the dog and blame the person instead.