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Stop killing and hurting animals. They are innocent mute creatures

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Killing animals and haunting them for life in cages is a horrible thing, I don't know why people dont understand, what if they were in a cage from the day they were born or are snatched away from their family without any reason? It's a beautiful world and God has given the rights to live for everyone. Those creatures are innocent and mute they can't even say what they are feeling and they are not as intelligent as human beings. We are intelligent and smart it's our responsibility to protect those animals. When we see a blind man or any handicapped man in some trouble we go and help them. Those animals are mute and doesn't have a language they cannot write or read or talk like humans. If we help a human why not an animal. Stop this act as soon as possible. We are just citizens who writes all these petition but the actual work is done by the organisation. That doesn't mean we will write all those things and just leave it on animal rescue centers etc, as a citizen it's our responsibility too, to save those animals from cruelity in this world

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