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stop killing innocent animals! they need us and we need them to survive

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I come from Poland. it's a beautiful country with a very wide range of fauna and flora. we're very familiar with our natural beauty in Poland, but we'd also like to explore other countries some day, for example Australia. my whole family loves animals, and especially koalas. we'd love to see our favourite animals in their natural environment. but will we be able to do it? Koalas are disappearing because people are constantly destroying their habitat. Koalas get killed by vehicles, plenty of new roads and homes are built on their lands and now, the forest burn-offs. do we really need to go to the zoo to see such rare animals as koalas? are you people in Australia aware that you are the only place in the world that has koalas? it's so heartbreaking to read such devastating news everyday. This must stop! Koalas are so vulnerable and simply defenceless when they get surrounded by fire. the climb higher and higher but then there's no tree any more. and then their home becomes their death-trap. there's no way out. there's only death by burning alive.

this is so cruel what I'm writing about. it's just breaking my heart.

please, save koalas, save their habitat, don't let them disappear. don't let them die when they want to live.

I hope you get my letter, in the name of all koala lovers all over the world.


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