Stop isolating animals in the zoo !

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Everyone is tired of lockdown. BUT animals on the zoo, isolated by humans, lives lockdown for theirs whole lives ! It's not okay and I think we should stop saying we're tired of lockdown because what we're living right now is NOTHING comparated at animals on the zoo for 10 years and more. These animals doesn't deserve that at al!

It's SO crual and if you would see what animals looks like, I want u to go on google and tape "animal zoo isolation maltreated" and you will see the real face of zoo.

Right now they're surely starving because humans can't go work. BUT if rhey wouldn't be in a trap as the zoo, they would be alive and heatly. We HAVE to change this RIGHT NOW because later these animals will DIE and we wouldn't care about it. And if they all die I don't want the humans to say "ThAt'S sO SaD" because it's OUR fault if this happens. it's OUR fault if these animals are endanged. it's OUR fault because of everything.

All I'm asking is to stop maltreating animals, and put them on lockdown for they whole lives because that's not what they deserve. Stop saying you're tired of lockdown because these poor animals doesn't deserve pain. 

I'm not saying that I hate humans. But look, animals never killed humans for no reasons.