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Stop animal cruelty

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Too many animals have to suffer, because of unsympathetic humans who terrorize and beat animals who have no choice but to endure the pain. There's already enough misery in this world, why also hurt a helpless animal? They don't have a voice that's why we need to speak up for them.

Though I'm mainly focusing on the abuse of dogs-70.1% out of all abused animals are dogs-many other animals endure abuse every day. For example, gamecocks, which are male chickens bred for fighting, are placed in an enclosed pit and are forced to fight, usually to the death. Some times these birds are even put on steroids to raise their chance of winning. Most times if they don't die they will suffer terrible injuries, such as broken ribs, punctured lungs, and scratched eyes. Same goes for dog fighting.

Those are just two examples of how animals are being abused today. Ending animal abuse would be one large step towards making this a more peaceful world. In order to end the abuse of animals, people who are charged of it should have longer sentences and more people should adopt animals to improve the animals overall life. Who knows it could even improve the life of the rescuer and make everyday happier for them and the people around. I also think the fee to adopt animals should be lowered and  I encourage people to donate to animal rescue programs.


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