Save the Cheetah From Extinction

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    Click Here For White Tiger Petition. Click Here For Borneo Pygmy Elephant. We are three students in Grade 6 who want to help cheetahs and ensure they don’t become any more endangered than they already are. The cheetah is listed as vulnerable and is a very commonly known animal because of its speed. This is the main reason for why they are endangered—loss of habitat. Their habitat (dry forests, open plains, deserts, and grasslands) is being replaced by buildings and that is making it hard for them to run and catch their prey. They are also endangered because of poaching. Unfortunately, there still aren’t any greatly enforced laws to help protect the cheetah population so despite the fact that cheetahs can run at 70mph, they’re still being hunted to extinction.

Our goal is to reach 2,000 signatures so we can get this petition in front of multiple wildlife saving organizations who could make a big change in the number of cheetahs in the world. We want to help them and we hope you can support them too by signing this petition!