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Protect the Abused Pet Animals

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We aspire to create a petition that will help to protect the pet animals from the abuse of their owners.

For us pet owners we treat our pets with care and respect even if this pet of ours are partially impared. So why abuse your animals? It is said in an article of PETA, it said: “Most compassionate people never imagine that anyone could throw a litter of kittens out the window of a moving car, and they would certainly be shocked by PETA’s inches-thick files on cases of dogs and cats who have been shot with arrows, blown up with firecrackers, doused in gasoline and set on fire, cooked in microwave ovens, used as bait in dogfights, tortured in satanic rituals, beaten with baseball bats by bored kids, dragged behind cars to “teach them a lesson” for running away, or bound in duct tape to silence their barking. Abuses such as these occur every day.” So, its is showned that most of our pet owners do this types of abuses to their pet animals every day and this types of abuses leads to our pets being deceased, another type of abuses are outside of our homes, some of the examples of it are some shelters doesn’t really prioritize pet animals and some they also torture pet animals ,and with this issue we want to protect our beloved pet animals from the abuses that they are suffering of from they’re owners and outside of their own homes.

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