Enact Laws to Protect Pets

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Please use your influence with other lawmakers to pass laws that protect pets by:

  • Giving rights of ownership to family members and/or other concerned parties who have provided food, shelter and medical care for the pet for an undetermined length of time;
  • Laws that prevent an original owner who has failed to provide adequate food, shelter and medical care for the pet from reclaiming ownership of the pet.


I have been in nearly complete despair ever since my husband's son, got out of treatment and jail.  Even though we paid his son $4,000.00 for our dog, Dazie, he manipulated his dad into changing the wording on the document he signed designed to give us ownership of Dazie, The Pit Bull.  My husband had (as usual) given in to his son and allowed his son to change the meaning of the document so that we really don't have a leg to stand on to keep Dazie and we are heart broken.

My husband will be meeting with his son who recently told his dad he wants to discuss getting "his" dog back. My husband's son was niether buying food for Dazie nor paying for her medical care - we have been. When we've let Dazie visit my husband's son, she has returned to us with bloody paws.  Dazie being returned to my husband's son goes against everything I've ever believed in regarding the fair treatment of animals - Dazie has shown fear of my husband's son. 

I haven't known what to do and there has been no one who can help us with this issue - we are retired.  So for months now I've been trying to just push it all out of my mind.  It's coming to a head now though.  My husband's son hates us for not allowing him to live with us anymore and I know that this is his way of getting back at us.  I'm so scared for Dazie.  We've even talked to a lawyer who informed us that there are no laws to protect dogs/pets in this situation.


Protect pets that have been rescued from an abusive and/or neglectful owner and would assure ongoing protection from the previous owner. 


Very sincerely yours,

Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund


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