A caged bird, shouldn't be deprived of its freedom

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Birds, with their ability to fly, are often symbols of freedom.  They are also releated to inspiration and creativity, as being one with the element of air.  When caged then, it can only dream of freedom. No animal lover should let any animal be dispossessed of their freedom...look deep into their aching eyes something will stare back at you. Take solitary confinement for example, the person starts talking to himself, clawing at themselves and eventually go bonkers, animals in that case are no different, birds too start pulling off their feathers and eventually cause immense damage to themselves physically and mentally. Imagine being trapped in a small wired cell for the rest of your life, it doesn't seem intriguing at all!

There was once this scientist in France who expected apes to draw, providing them with charcoal pens. One of the apes did draw something,  it was the bar of it's cage. As awful as it sounds, can you imagine what they go through? Why  are animals and birds divested? Nevertheless it's never too late to correct ourselves though, let's refrain from caging them!