International action against the Rajapaksa family and associates

International action against the Rajapaksa family and associates

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Started by Chathushka Perera


The situation in Sri Lanka is deteriorating and is a matter of global relevance. As of the 11th of May, an islandwide curfew is being enforced by the police and tri-forces with an authorization to open fire issued by the Ministry of Defence under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and a growing economic crisis continues to push Sri Lanka deeper into this crisis. Social media networks and certain mainstream media are being used to funnel misinformation to peaceful protestors and the public at large in order to cause religious and ethnic disharmony, and cause fear over foreign military intervention among other things. 

Furthermore, Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been granted additional authority over the Sri Lankan people since the resignation of his brother, Mahinda Rajapaksa, which brings to question the integrity of the independent bodies currently investigating loss of life, property and other incidents within Sri Lanka.

Despite the fact, international organizations and foreign governments have only sought to mention their concerns thus far. Sri Lanka being a sovereign state, international responses are understandably limited, but there are a range of effective responses available to the international community to pursue to exert pressure on the incumbent dictatorship.


  1. Cease all assets belonging to the Rajapaksa family and their close associates outside Sri Lanka, particularly in the US.
  2. Carry out an audits on their assets within the respective jurisdictions.
  3. Revoke their respective dual-citizenship statuses.
  4. Pursue civil and criminal charges against the Rajapaksa and their associates.
  5. Pursue charges against the Rajapaksas and their associates for war crimes committed over the course of the Sri Lankan Civil War, and other crimes against humanity committed since.
  6. Provide technical assistance to resolve the political deadlock.
  7. Provide recommendations and technical assistance to resolve socio-political issues, and carry out effective investigations following the crisis.
  8. Provide assistance to audit and investigate development projects carried out within Sri Lanka.


If the current situation is allowed to continue during a period of global recession, the creation of a failed state at India's doorstep is inevitable. We urge the international community to show its dedication to the ideals of humanity and justice for all before the loss of life grows any further. Our need is dire.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!