How To Activate Alexa Skills

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Alexa Skills deployed by Amazon allow you to automate and customize tasks associated with the wizard. We reveal to you all that you can do and how easy it is to enable them. Amazon’s Alexa is something beyond a voice assistant, so you can get improvements for yourself and your family if you customize it properly by activating special skills. What do we know by special skills? We let you know.

First, we assume that you have an Amazon Echo speaker (or any other device with Alexa), an Amazon account and the Alexa wizard already set up. Otherwise, you can get an Echo Dot for € 59.99 on Amazon , the cheapest model.

One of the latest Skills or abilities is the one related with Domino’s Pizza, so you can say ‘Alexa, repeat my last Domino’s Pizza order’ and your order will automatically be launched.

These skills also offer you the possibility to interact naturally with Alexa, asking ‘Alexa, how’s my pizza going?’, So Alexa 

How To Use Alexa Skills
Activating the Skills or Alexa skills is simple. Inside the application, scroll to the right so you can see the menu. Click on ‘Skills’ and you will see that an app store appears through which you can browse based on categories.

Here you can check all the relationship of Skills that you can manage with your Amazon account.

These skills are evaluated by users so that you can have a quick idea of their usefulness. Since these are free skills, you can try and disable them when it suits you. 
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