"The Forgotten 15thers"

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After Congress approved for an economic impact payment to be issued to Americans being burdened by the COVID-19 shut down, families and individuals have felt some common relief in knowing that there was some assistance coming their way. Unfortunately, many individuals who have updated their direct deposit information prior to the IRS's site updates and bug fixes have been left behind without any progressing information regarding their payment. Although many have been approved for payment and are able to retrieve confirmation on the "Get My Payment" site, checking the estimated date of deposit leaves the individuals feeling forgotten and neglected. Many of these individuals have been approved for payment and have been waiting on a deposit date for over 21 days now. What makes matters worse is the most recent IRS information advising that people who have filled out their information will wait no longer than 8 days to get an update. This leaves these "Forgotten 15thers" wondering why they are not getting any updates. Many of these people logged into the app or web site because they were told that they would receive their payment faster if they opted for direct deposit, yet family and friend are now receiving paper checks in the mail while the "forgotten" are still awaiting a payment date. Many of "The Forgotten 15thers" have been notifying CNN, Washington Times, and their local Congresspeople, but ultimately this issue needs to reach the Internal Revenue Service to be properly addressed. Without the ability for individuals to contact this department at the moment, our voice needs to be heard in order to get this issue lifted up and noticed. Thank you all for your time and participation.